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Why I Eat Fruits Before Meal, Not After

bananas, melon, pear, strawberries, prickly pears, and oranges in a fruit basket
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bananas, melon, pear, strawberries, prickly pears, and oranges in a fruit basket
A variety of fruits eaten fresh and before meal will provide optimum health benefits.

Like many others, I used to eat my fruit last.  Most of the time it was my dessert kind-of-thing especially when there was no prepared sweets.  This was the idea  and practice I grew up with.  When I read Ellen G. White’s (EGW) Counsels on Diets and Foods, written more than a hundred years ago, that when one has eaten vegetables, it’s no longer necessary to eat fruits, otherwise it would be useless.  I didn’t quite understand the concept.  It was either I was just plain dumb to understand it or I refused to do away with the habit even after I had discussed it with my chemical engineer cousin.

Anyway, when I was in Thailand, so many years later, the church I was attending to always served lunch for free.  Because everybody would go for the main meal first and I almost always found myself at the end of the queue, I, one time, decided to go for the fruits first to avoid standing too long.  I just hate queueing up, don’t you?  And it actually worked better.  I noticed that by the time I get to have my meal, my famished state had abated but the appetite was still there.  Methot, “Hmm! it’s a great idea to help me eat less and lose weight.” 😀

Several moons later, it prompted me to do a little more research on this topic and I gathered that everybody stand on the same court.  Here are a few of those facts or trivia:

Fruits take only about 30 minutes to digest and should therefore be eaten before meal to avoid acidic formation.

Fruits eaten on an empty stomach become alkaline. Did I tell you I eat oranges first thing the morning?

Fruits take only an hour to get out of the stomach while vegetables take about a couple of hours.  If they are eaten together, the food stay in the stomach until the last bit has been digested and it causes the fruit to ferment.  Then you don’t get the nutrients anymore. So the fruit becomes useless.

So tell me, do you eat your fruits before meal or after?

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