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Vegetarian Kimbap (Ovo-Vegan)

kimbap with carrot, cucumber, and plain omelette
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kimbap with carrot, cucumber, and plain omelette

This is my third attempt to make kimbap and I must say I’m getting there.  One of my guests who sampled them had never ever tasted kimbap before and he said that he’ll never forget it.

For this recipe I used the following


1C Sushi Rice
1 Cucumber
1 Carrot
2 Eggs
Kim Laver or Seaweed
Sesame Oil

Vinegar and Seasalt to taste


First I cooked the sushi rice as per instructed in the package which is 1 1/2 Cup Water per 1 Cup of Sushi Rice and a little salt.

While it was cooking I prepared the omelette, cut the carrots and the cucumber lengthwise about 1 cm wide.  They have to be as long as the seaweed or kim laver.

When the rice was cooked I scooped two ladleful into a bowl.  Sprinkled some vinegar, sea salt and sesame oil until I got the desired taste.

Then carefully following Mangchi’s video tutorial on how to wrap a sushi, I tried with all the courage and determination I could muster to wrap the kimbap as best I could.  It took a while before I managed to do it almost perfectly just like any Korean woman would do. 😀 No, I still wouldn’t pass. I still have got to practice perhaps a hundred times before I can confidently say I can do it well. 😀

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