Vegan Bruschetta Topping

by Jem on October 24, 2011

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ciabatta bruschetta with roasted mushrooms, green and yellow peppers and tomatoes

Today’s recipe is one of those accidental discoveries that happen in the kitchen.  I was going to make my own soy okara burger recipe but I was doing too many things at a time–making my first whole wheat ciabatta, cooking some millet, and grabbing a bite in between.  So I left the roasted chopped vegetables in one corner.  By the time the ciabatta came out of the oven, it was too late for hubby to take it to work.  Anyway, I was too excited about the result of the bread and I couldn’t wait to try it.  Out of the blue, I scooped some roasted vegetables to make a bruschetta toppings and I was so surprised how good it turned out.  It is so good I can’t keep it to myself. I’ve got to share it!

By the way, bruschetta (pronounced brus-ket-ta) is roasted or toasted bread and filled with fresh chopped tomatoes, olives, basil, soft cheese and sprinkled with olive oil.  It is served as an antipasto (appetizer).  Since cooking/eating is an art, therefore, there is no one absolute way to do it.  There’s a thousand and one possibilities to do it.

Now for the recipe. I know you’ve been itching to know it. Perhaps you might have even skipped this intro and went straight to the recipe below. :D


4 Close-Cup Mushrooms
Green or Yellow Pepper
1 Large Tomato
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pinch of Salt


Simply chopped them in tiny pieces, sprinkle some salt and add a little oil.  Grill.

grilled chopped mushrooms, peppers, and tomato

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