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Radish Juice – Best Home Remedy for Phlegm

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The internet is replete with almost all kinds of free information at our fingertips.  I wanted to post about the health and nutrition benefits of radish but I didn’t know very much, to be honest, apart from a thing or two. So I asked i-know-it-all Google to find the information for me and with a flick of a finger, he came back with the results. I picked the one with what I deemed most reliable URL. I thought so because it contained the word organic and in my little-knowledge-is-dangerous-but-definitely-not-arrogant opinion anyone who talks “organic” knows better.

Additionally, much to my delight, those two things I knew about the benefits of radish were mentioned in the article. At this point, I hear you ask, “What is the website name?” Well, I am not going to mention it here in my website let alone give you the link because it would mean I am going to do them a HUGE favor for referring to their website and it will add credit to that site at the expense of mine. Since, my website is still struggling for Google Pagerank, I will save it from leaching out any of its precious juice. It’s precious because there isn’t much and therefore it is considered rare.

But we are talking about Radish juice not Pagerank juice, and I heard you. I just thought I owe you an explanation why I don’t want to mention the website name here apart from the cue that I, above, have wittingly mentioned.

So have I piqued your curiosity yet? Well, if you were not curious or interested in this article, you wouldn’t have come here in the first place, would you? So I’m taking it as a resounding Yes!

The 2 Health Benefits of Radish that I know of

Well, actually, I know a lot more now. I have learned more since I started composing this article. But I will not tell them again here because you can already find them from other websites. I will just talk about what I have already known before reading the rest today.

Radish as Mucolytic

As the best home remedy for phlegm, radish juice dilutes the sticky phlegm and forces it out like a a furious landlord would do to a tenant who’s neglected to clean his apartment since he moved in about seventeen months ago and his on-the-spot eviction means he will forfeit his three months deposit due to neglect of duty to observe cleanliness because the landlord will have to hire cleaners and make repairs.

My very reliable source shared that Solmux contains radish as the main ingredient but I think it was Bisolvon which the endorser in a television commercial said, “It stops the phlegm that produces phlegm.”

Last December I had a cough and a hoarse voice. I didn’t want to call in sick because I was told by a colleague a few days ago that if I wanted to keep my job I better not get sick. And since I hate taking drugs I thought of the best natural cure and remembered the humble but incredible radish juice that I heard a few weeks earlier.

I didn’t waste any time. I dropped by the city centre on my way home from work and headed to the shop where I knew was selling the radish that I am familiar with–you know the long white ones. I didn’t realize the small red ones were also called radish. I thought their Asian cousin is the one that I needed. Nevertheless, I was so delighted they had a quite a few on that day in the shop.

When I got home, though, I was faced with the dilemma of grating the radish. But the food processor caught my attention and Voila! In two-minutes time I had a freshly squeezed radish juice. I have not been eating radish for maybe a decade and I had forgotten why. The juice really looked refreshing, like a cup of cold water did to a person who had been working all day under the heat of a tropical sun, and I wanted to gulp it all at once. But no sooner than I filled my mouth with it than I realized how potent the taste was and I almost spat it as soon as I drank it. I think my eyes nearly popped out from their sockets. When I got my composure back, I argued with self that I didn’t want to drink the rest of it. But the me with the halo patiently and lovingly, almost with tears in her eyes as if begging, convinced the me with the horn that the juice was better than drugs. So I took the glass again and this time, with much precaution, sipped the rest  of the juice bit by bit until it tasted less and less strong and finally swallowed the last drop.

The next day was a completely different scene. On the third day the mucus had stopped congesting my lungs but since I was working 6 days a week, I didn’t feel completely well until two weeks after the cough set on. Apart from radish juice and plenty of water, you also obviously need plenty of rest to allow your body to create new cells and antibodies to ward off the disease.

Radish as Facial Care

I don’t have a personal testimony to verify this claim but my sister recommended it to me when I had allergy on my face. She said that her employer’s son who used to have his face covered with pimples treated it with radish. But for some reason I never got around to doing it. However, many articles online and offline are talking about it. So I reckon there is truth in it. Because if there isnt they would not be publishing it.

Bonus Recipe: Radish Salad

Health benefits of radishIngredients:

  • Radish
  • Gem Lettuce
  • Vinagrette
  • dried herbs
  • salt

Wow this post contains exactly a thousand words. Did you ever realize that? Congratulations for reaching this part.

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