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Non-dairy smoothie

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This smoothie is made up of home-made soymilk, 1 banana, 5 pitted  fresh dates, a handful of raspberries, a couple of strawberries. An excellent and easy way to get your 5 a day. If you find it too rich, you can adjust the amount of ingredients the next time.

I am hyper-acidic and I find dairy milk as one of the causes. So I eliminated that and resorted to soy milk. After finding out that the soy milk I was buying from the shop contained a pathetic 4-7% of soy milk, I decided I’d be better off making my own.

Obviously, soy milk doesn’t taste as good as cow’s milk but the health benefits far outweighs that. So I began experimenting with my soy drink. First, I had to drink it with honey or agave syrup. I don’t use sugar in my drinks. Then I thought of dates. They are really sweet but when eaten alongside unsweetened soy milk, they make up a good combination. Finally, I’m happily enjoying acid-free days.

My creativity got more active and I thought of blending them together so I don’t have to eat them separately and instead just having a healthy powered-up drink. When I shared it with my friend, Lolit, she made it with raspberries and blueberries, I think. And it gave me an idea. I have been wanting to eat raspberries as they are a very good source of anti-oxidant. But they are too sour for me and I don’t want to make a jam all the time. So Lolit helped me solve my dilemma.

Then just lately, I decided to mix a banana in the drink. Voila! I struck gold. It’s the best smoothie I have ever had. I could finish a jug and not have any problem with hyper-acidity. They say you cannot mix sweet and acid fruits, i.e. dates and berries, but so far I’m not having any problem and for me it’s the best breakfast drink.

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