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My power up breakfast drink

glass 1 avocado, banana, dates, and soy milk; glass 2- strawberry, raspberry, banana, dates and soymilk; glass 3- peach banana dates and soymilk all blended
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glass 1 avocado, banana, dates, and soy milk; glass 2- strawberry, raspberry, banana, dates and soymilk; glass 3- peach banana dates and soymilk all blended
L-R: avocado, berries, and peach blended with soymilk and dates

My power up breakfast drink consists of dates, soymilk, and other fresh fruits, i.e. raspberry, strawberry, cherry, peach, avocado and banana, the last two are the thickener. It’s either I use one or the other.  It’s basically a raw breakfast with the exception of soy milk.  Obviously, you can’t drink raw soy milk because uncooked dried beans are toxic as we can read in many publications.  I find this drink very filling, satisfying, and invigorating and it’s also my best way to get my 5 a day at one go in a rather delightful way.

It’s a powerful drink because soy milk contains highly absorbable protein, low LDL (the bad cholesterol), and high HDL (the good cholesterol). Dates contain simple sugars like fructose and dextrose that provide instant energy.  Banana is high in potassium which plays an important role in preventing muscle contraction and good nerve transmission.  Raspberries are potent anti-oxidant.  Take note, the nutrients mentioned in each fruit are just the highlights among other goodies obtained from them.

On top of these, because they are all plant-based, they go out of the stomach before fermentation starts.  That is when they are consumed on an empty stomach.

I have been enjoying oranges for breakfast for over a year now and until recently I still used to eat heavy breakfast after my oranges.  Although I don’t see anything wrong with it but I don’t see why I should have a heavy breakfast when I just stay at home and sit all day.

When I started to make my own soymilk I had to find a way to drink it with delight.  I’m still a gourmand even if my food sometimes look unpalatable.  But since I am not used to soy milk, I can’t drink it plain.  Honestly, I find it horrible. But I know I’ve got drink it for my calcium need. I used to sweeten it with honey.  I can’t stand sugar with soy milk but honey tasted better.  Then I read from another blogger that she flavours soymilk with dates.  I tried it and it became an instant hit!  I shared it with a friend and she added some raspberries.  I saw the bulb lit up!

It was time for raspberries.  I was going to ignore them because I find them too sour.  I only enjoyed them on the first time I had them.  Berries are one of the best antioxidant so I knew I’ve got to have them even if I didn’t fancy them at all. But now I’ve got a  healthy idea of using them.  Thanks to my friend, Lolit.  So I went and picked the berries, washed and dried them before freezing them.

Consequently, I became more inventive with my soy drink.  I don’t like the bananas here very much.  But sometimes I crave for them.  Now with the dates and raspberries I tried to mix a banana into my breakfast drink and I loved it.  It’s getting better and more exciting.  Next I tried avocado in place of banana and it was okay.  Wasn’t really stellar in my palate but good enough.  I also tried peach and banana and it was also good. One time I tried mixing prunes with raspberries. It was good but there was too many tastes in my drink. I preferred the more simple one.  So I’m sticking with my dates, raspberries and banana.

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