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How to eat western fruits Asian style

peach, pear and apple wedges and kiwi slices
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In Europe, people use fruits to make jams, cakes, juices or eat them with cream. In Asia, we eat fruits differently from the west. Especially the sour ones, wee sprinkle them with either salt to enhance the taste, with sugar to sweeten them or with chilli powder to spike them a bit when they taste bland. In Thailand, they use a combination of salt, sugar and chilli powder. In the Philippines, we normally use salt, vinegar and sometimes with crushed chilli for the tough guys.

A few days ago, I was craving for green mango soaked in vinegar and salt. It’s not pickled. It’s just soaked or dipped. Just the thought itself makes me drool already. But green mangoes are rare here in the UK so I thought of using the Pink Lady apples which for me are sour enough.

Here are four types of fruits I have tried tried snacking Asian style.

For these recipes, I use unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and unrefined sea salt.

Pink Lady Apple with vinegar and a dash of salt and cayenne powder

cut_applesThe sweetness of Pink Lady apples with a bit of a sour tang reminds me of the sweet green mango. Crunchy. Juicy.

Pear with vinegar and a dash of salt and cayenne powder

cut_pearsThe absence of sourness in pear is complimented by the vinegar and it also brings out the sweetness in it. It reminds of guapple, a hybrid guava. With pears, it’s best to eat them as soon as you came back from the shop. They get soft so quick.

Apples and pears were not my favorite fruits. But they now are.

Kiwi with vinegar and a dash of salt and cayenne powder

cut_kiwiThere are sour kiwis and there are sweet ones. I tried them both and I prefer the sweet ones. The sour ones remind me of the very sour young green mangoes they make the teeth feel sensitive afterwards.

Peach with vinegar and a dash of salt and cayenne powder

cut_peachesHere in the UK, I always find the peaches too sour for my liking. I love them when I go to Sicily. They are sweet, crunchy and sensuous just like the passion fruits.

With vinegar, salt and cayenne powder, the taste of these peaches became so much more appetizing for me.

None of these fruits were my favourites before I discovered how to eat them Asian style. But now I love them. I should have discovered it a long time ago.





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