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How to cook pasta the Italian way

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This is a simple tip on how to cook pasta the right way, that is the Italian way.  The secret to making a delectable pasta is in cooking the pasta.  When you boil the pasta make sure to use liberal amount of salt before the water boils.  This will ensure the salt penetrates the pasta.  When I say liberal, I don’t mean to make it salty but just enough to make the pasta get some taste even before you mix it with a sauce.  I don’t measure it but what I do is I taste the water and decide if it’s enough or not.  If it’s too salty, don’t worry, you can add more water to adjust the salinity.  I don’t put oil when I boil pasta.  The salt is the one that keeps them glued to each other.  Of course you have to stir it every now and then so the ones in the bottom don’t stick in the pan.

When your pasta is cooked with just the right amount of salt, anything you put in it will taste good.  I have proven this from the very beginning.  In fact, my husband will complain if the pasta doesn’t have a taste on its own.  He can taste it even after mixing the sauce.

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