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Herbs & Spices Give Life to Your Cooking

bottles of spices in a rack
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bottles of spices in a rack
Spices bring out the best in your cooking.

Garlic powder, Onion granules, ground pepper, cinnamon ground, ginger, dried sage, mixed spice or all spice are the most-commonly used herbs and spices in recipes and these are just a few of them that you have to stock up on–having these around comes in handy when I make/invent a recipe.  That is why I categorize it as Kitchen Essential because I just can’t imagine life in the kitchen without spices.

Variety is indeed the spice of life and a variety of spices gives food a life.

Of course using fresh or raw ingredients is a better option but there are times when you need to use the dried or ground version like for example in pates, soups, sauces etcetera, cakes, etcetera.  Also when you run out of onions or garlic, using the ground ones is the best substitute.

I just can’t imagine life without spices.

When you are making lots of Italian foods you need to stock on herbs like basil, thyme, sage, fennel, oregano, parsley, bay leaves, rosemary or mixed herbs because these are the types of ingredients you would normally put in pastas or pizzas.

If you like Indian foods then you have to have spices like cumin, taragon, caraway, cardamom, turmeric.

For Thai, Malaysian, or Indonesian foods you’ve got to have chilli powder on top of the list followed by onions, garlic, ginger.

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