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Grilled eggplant, Okra adobo, fried tofu

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Today I fancied some Filipino foods that remind me of home. So I made grilled eggplant to eliminate some water then fried it because I prefer fried so much better, fried firm tofu, and okra adobo (sautéed with onion then cooked with soy sauce and garnished and flavored with lemon extract in the end.) This is more like a breakfast meal back in the Philippines but here in the UK I eat them when I fancy them at any time of the day.

I especially liked the taste of fried eggplant or aubergine. I don’t know what’s in it but I absolutely adore the taste. It kinda tickles my palate in a very romantic way that I couldn’t resist but ask for more. I usually eat this alongside soy sauce with lemon. Give me a pot of rice and I will ruthlessly devour the whole lot like a hungry lion who hadn’t have food for a week. So don’t complain when you come late and don’t find any leftover.

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