Food Combination: Why Fruits and Vegetables Should Not Be Eaten Together

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strawberries, courgette, celery stalks, runner beans, pumpkin flower and 1 egg

Quoting from one of my favorite consultants on Diets and Food, EGWhite

    “There should not be a great variety at one meal, for this encourages overeating and causes indigestion.

   It is not well to eat fruits and vegetables at the same meal.  If the digestion is feeble the use of both will often cause distress and inability to put forth  mental effort.  It is better to have the fruit at one meal, and the vegetables at another. Counsels on Diet & Foods (CDF), p 112

   “‘Fruit and vegetables taken at one meal produce acidity of stomach; then impurity of the blood results and the mind is not clear because the digestion is imperfect’” CDF, p. 113

What The Science Says about Fruits and Vegetables Combination

In his video lecture Health and Happiness, Zoologist Walter Veith explained the scientific reason why  fruits and vegetables should not be eaten together.  Fruits are digested the fastest and vegetables the longests because of their hard compact cell walls. Therefore if eaten together, the fruit gets fermented and causes stomach acidity.  Check the Food Combination Chart

This is true in my case.  That is why I eat oranges first thing in the morning because if i do at any time of the day my stomach gets sour. However, let me be clear on this.  I am not advocating you do the same because I do not know your diet restrictions or or if you have got any acidity problem. .  Some people find citrus fruits too acidic for them if they eat it first thing in the morning.

I am, however, advocating that you find what diet suits you best.  We are individuals and we have different individual diet preferences.  Having said that, I don’t believe in any weight-loss diets created by whoever and claim that they are proven effective.  I have found what is effective in me and I hope you will too.

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