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The easiest and the best chocolate almond milk recipe

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Ever since I learned how to make my own almond milk, I have never looked back. One of the main benefits of almond milk is that it is alkalizing, which is good for hyper-acidic like me. Besides it is very simple to do since it does not require cooking. I like my almond milk on its own. But adding chocolate flavor makes it divine.

Ingredients for chocolate almond milk recipe

Just whisk or blend all ingredients and enjoy. Yes, that’s how simple it is. I told you it is!

Why you shouldn’t buy almond milk from the shop

Almond milk bought from the shop contains a measly 2-10% almond only and they are expensive.

How do they make it look milky

They add stabilizers and emulsifiers and who knows what they really are.

What else do they contain.

They add sugar, salt and to make them look healthy they are fortified with synthetic vitamins.

So next time you feel like grabbing a box of almond milk from the shop, think again.

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