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Benefits of Eating Raw Food

Benefits of Eating Raw Food, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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1. You get the most nutrients

There were a couple of occasions when I realized that cooking was like an unnecessary extravagance. I said that because it could take a day to prepare a meal that is down in just a few minutes. And to top if off, cooking destroys the most important elements of the food: enzyme and most nutrients. Notice that when vegetables are cooked they go from being firm or vigorous to languid.

According to what I have learned so far, fruits and vegetables are best eaten at–or as close as possible to–their natural state. In other words, just as they are picked from the garden.  Processing causes nutrient loss, even cutting because when they are exposed to oxygen they start to oxidize. That’s why you probably have heard someone say “don’t cut the salad until you are about to eat them”.

2. Better Digestion

Notice that when you cook a lettuce it becomes chewy like a bubble gum.  When you take a bite, it takes longer to chew it than a raw one which is crunchy. Also when raw, they decompose a lot quicker than when cooked. The enzyme is lost and our body has to produce its own enzyme to break down the food. More work for the body and less benefit.  Not good, right? How would you like to work harder and get paid less?  Ideally, we wanna work less and get paid more.  Similarly, we get the same when we eat raw foods.  So in essence, raw foods are digested easier because they still contain enzymes that help the digestion process.

3. Alkaline to the Body

Provided you don’t mix them, fruits and vegetables when eaten raw produce alkaline effect to the body.  Having an acidic body causes a lot of problems. So to avoid that, eat fruits on an empty stomach so as not to cause fermentation.  That is why I eat a variety of fruits and some nuts for breakfast.  I also include raw salad with my cooked food to balance it.

Now, am I advocating raw food diet? Yes and No. Yes, I am advocating raw food but not a total raw foodist. I am not. But I try to include raw foods in my diet as much as I can. For example, a fruity breakfast. And no, I am not advocating total raw foodist because I love to include a wide variety of foods in my diet. Beans and grains cannot be eaten raw unless they are sprouted.  Some roots like cassava, potatoes, and sweet potatoes cannot be consumed raw unless you want to, but I doubt it. Some mushrooms are poisonous when raw, etc, etc.

I know there are some more benefits but so far these are what I have learned. If I have missed anything, feel free to include them in your comments. Thank you.

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