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Aglio e Olio (garlic and oil)

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aglio, olio e pinoli

This is the simplest pasta recipe.  When you are tired of all the sauces or when all you’ve got is garlic and oil, that’s all you’ll need in this recipe. Aglio e olio, I heard is good for people with hangover.  Usually, they garnish it with grated Parmesan but since I’m deviating away from dairy, I used lightly roasted pine nuts instead.  Just cook garlic in a little oil and mix with pasta of your choice.  Then you can add more extra virgin olive oil on your pasta.  This way, you won’t destroy the enzyme in the oil.  And remember the secret to making pasta the Italian way.

Health Benefits of Pine Nuts

Pine nuts is the only natural source of pinoleic acid which helps in decreasing your appetite.  This is good for weight-watchers because pine nuts can suppress craving for more foods.

Also according to what I have read, there is a type of Chinese pine nuts that causes a little problem. You can tell them by their shape which is smaller, duller and more rounded.  So when buying pine nuts make sure they look triangular which is their typical shape.

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